Maine Prairie Studio is the pottery studio and home of Megan and JD Jorgenson, based in Kimball, Minnesota. We offer classes, workshops, unique handmade ceramics and other community events.



Megan Jorgenson

I am a full-time ceramic artist residing in Kimball, Minnesota, Originally from New Hampshire. I hold a BA in painting and printmaking from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. In 2012, I received an MFA in ceramics at Utah State Univeristy. Prior to graduate school, I worked as an apprentice at Whitefish Pottery in Whitefish Montana and the Hoyman-Browe Studio in Ukiah California. From 2012- 2013, I was a resident artist at Red Lodge Clay Center in Red Lodge, Montana, and from 2013 - 2015, I was a visiting professor of ceramics at Marlboro College in Vermont. Besides my studio work, I currently teach classes at Minneapolis Community and Technical College


JD Jorgenson

I deeply believe that working with native clay, cultivates conversations and relationships between the material and others.  I strive in my process to understand the material for what it is through its strengths and limitations.  There are stones, feldspar, and other minerals in the clays that make themselves known through the making and firing process, which I believe adds beauty. My work is often a reflection of the source material. The true beauty is the clay itself, unglazed and raw interacting with fire, charcoal, and atmosphere in the kiln.


The Satellite Gallery



The Satellite Gallery presents exhibitions of emerging and established artists that engage both our local and international communities. These exhibits broadcast a sharp focus on the connection between artist and materials.


The Satellite Gallery was founded by wood fire potter JD Jorgenson in November 2012. The gallery has been  an extension of JD Jorgenson Pottery and the Wood Firing Exchange. It provides a venue for Exhibitions and Representing artists. Individuals who are accepted for a internship, assistantship, apprenticeship or artist residence at Jorgenson Pottery will complete a solo exhibition as part of their studies or residency period. Individuals will also Exchange ideas, experiences and contribute to community learning and engagement through workshops and artist talks for our local, regional, national and internationally communities.

Other solo, joint and group exhibition opportunities are available throughout the year for mediums other than clay. 


The Wood Firing Exchange



The Wood Firing Exchange is committed to experiential learning. It is a international exchange program of partners with opportunities in wood firing that are dedicated to offering committed individuals an intimate setting that broaden and nurture their creative spirit through using native clay and wood firing.  It was established in 2007 and is part of JD Jorgenson Pottery.  Other partners of The Wood Firing Exchange offer their opportunities to broaden our base and create a network of opportunities and experiences globally.  If you are interested in applying to be a Partner of The Wood Firing Exchange please click here.  If you would like to apply for a Wood Firing Exchange at our studio please click the image above.


The Wood Firing Exchange is an International program dedicated to offering committed individuals opportunities that broaden and nurture their creative spirit through using native clay and wood firing. It is and idea based on sense of place, community engagement and a focus on materials.


The opportunities are at least a 1 year commitment and are designed for recent college graduates early in their development through professional, established ceramic artists. The Wood Firing Exchange is devoted to enhancing the artistic spirit of individuals accepted for apprenticeships, assistantships or artist in residencies. It is and idea based on sense of place and community with a focus on materials.